Monday, August 4, 2008


After what was quite a quick train ride (and no clue that I was going over the border from Germany to the Netherlands other than a text message telling me what the rates were via my mobile) I arrive in Amsterdam.

I decide to walk to my hotel as directions say its about 30 mins by foot - as it takes me right through the town I thought I would go for a wonder. After 1hr 30 mins (and a few circles) I arrive at my hotel.

Please note here, I had no map and it really would have taken about 30 minutes, I just had no clue where I was g oi ng! But from observations, I like the countdown before crossing the road (this way I don't get impatient and cross anyway) and I must admit I didn't really see many bikes...

I had a little trouble booking a place to stay - I ended up with a deal at a great 5 star hotel with a deal through This should have been an alarm bell - why was this particular weekend so busy...

So, I manage to walk into another gay pride event (I'm going to Berlin next weekend I wonder if I can make a hatrick). All good fun and light hearted (although I had a taxi ride with 3 guys, one guy trying to convince me to be gay and the other guy convincing him that they need hetros in the world to produce more gay people and the other laughing at them both).

Gay pride aside, this weekend was great as I met up with some folks from home - introducing John and Vicky, John - been mates with since Scouts (yes I was in scouts) and Vicky is his beautiful wife that I have known since 2002 (ish - I can't quite remember). Anyway I often visit them in Mac and take advantage of their hospitality - so I thought I would do the same in Amsterdam.

We had a great time - we went to the Vinny museum (very good - but left the cool post card in John's bag), spend some time in cafes and went out for a bite to eat and a little wonder around the town. It was funny there were a few little streets with these windows and red lights and stuff. I wonder what that was all about?

On the Sunday - John and Vicky were getting off, so I took advantage of the late check in time at the hotel and watched the cooking program on BBC2 and then about 5 episodes of 'The Hills' (Don't ask). It got to about 2:30 and I pulled myself together and went for another wonder - Hard Rock Cafe (again - I can't help it, they have guitars on the walls!), some food and a general wonder.

A smooth train ride home and all is well. I certainly had a good weekend and will have to go again. Next time I will have to ask what the funny smell was in the cafes and what those red lights were for...

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