Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blue zappy thingies

Okay first of all - the film 'Get Smart' a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Completely idiotic, but not as far as the Naked Gun films. Worth a watch anyway (plus its got Anne Hathaway in it so all is good :-). Plus a nice walk through Dortmund after the film had finished at a cool 27 degrees and 2230hrs! And yes that is me on the walk back outside a church?!?

Second of all - another bit of a rant, this time hygine in bakeries. Okay its hot and flies are about - but there are no blue lights to zap the flies in these places so I'm looking at stuff to buy and can't bring myself to because the stuff next to it has a blue bottle feasting away with the person serving me completely oblivious! - Blue zappy things please! (For that matter also noted there is no smoke alarm in my flat either, living on the edge here in Dortmund :-).

Okay, no more ranting, lets talk about foxy ladies at the office: Well okay, I actually mean a real fox, I actually think it is a baby fox... funny I haven't seen the Rabbit in a while....

Also, forgot about this pic (the cafe in the huge bookshop from an earlier post). Pretty cool and the English section was massive. I did very well though - the only purchase in here was the coffee and bagel!

For those of you who don't know, I have a slight issue with restraining myself from buying books - I have circa 30 unread sitting on bookshelves at home. Ask me, I probably have a book about it (This has happened to Liam T on more than one occasion).

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