Monday, July 21, 2008


Okay, for those of you that don't know, the Loveparade is a techno type street festival thingy it is basically 1.6 million crazy people getting together for a street party... about half a mile from my Apartment.

So, a story in pictures:

Safety first.....

The start of the loveparade - we have a bit of a walk!

I'm not sure what to be worried about here - Bülent poking his tonge out at me or the little bloke looking over his left shoulder.

Due to rain, everyone was wrapped up nice and warm.

Nothing like a few April showers to bring friends together (Well done to Kay for remembering to bring a brolly)

I should really put the videos of Bülent and Kay dancing, but I do fear they might 'give me a lift somewhere' and drop me off in a place I have no idea where I am.

Maybe even 'In the #@#th.... ohhhhh'

This random was obsessed with getting me to take a photo of him...

Finally, I have noticed (and it has been pointed out) that there aren't too many photos of me on this blog, so....

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