Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heat and thunder

I am hot today (note you cannot translate this literally in German, it means something quite different :-), much to the amusement of the German folk when I say 'Ich bin heiß', after the laughing, I'm like 'Well I am hot - its hot, the Sun is out and stuff?!?'

Walking past one place with a temp guage outside it is 31 degrees - that's hotter than I'm used to, but after a pleasant wonder around some shops and a bagel in a bookstore that would put any Waterstones to shame, I trundle back to my Apartment to sit back and great what I have now become used to - when there is heat, the rain is not far away. Markus, this week has explained to me why this happens so much Dortmund, but long story short I can sit out in my patio area, with enough cover to watch the storm and eat cake :-)

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