Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 3 - Football, cake and knocking on desks

Okay, day 3 at work in Dortmund and all is well. I watched the Germany v Turkey match with a few Germans and a few Turks - very interesting :-)

Very strange leaving thing - you know people bring in cakes when they leave, this guy bought in a cake shop - no kidding there were tables full of proper cake shop cakes - quite amazing.

Finally, another strange thing - instead of clapping people for things e.g. a guy have a speech before he left, and another person got a present for the birth of his baby - they drum on the desks instead. Makes sense in an office I suppose, but very strange.

Okay, another finally - I went to the weekly team meeting, one of their small meeting rooms (okay - its still bigger than conference room 2 at Oldbury, but still one of their small ones). I walk in, there is a fruit platter, coffee, juice and water set out for us. We need to learn from the Germans!

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