Sunday, June 29, 2008

Assignments suck!

Now, if there is one word of advice, piece of wisdom I can give to you at home. To anyone in the world at any point in time. Do 'it'. Do 'it' now. What ever 'it' is. It could be cleaning the car, calling a friend you haven't seen for a year, putting out the rubbish, relaxing (if you're like me you don't do much of that).

I am now finishing of an assignment that I could have pretty much got done and dusted a year ago. Okay I have got a long list of excellent excuses (they are actually pretty good). But to be honest, over a six month period if I had dropped just one Scrubs episode a week (about 25 mins for the heathens out there who don't watch Scrubs) I would have probably got this assignment done a long time ago.

To support this, I've been in Germany for a week - I've not only nearly finished this assignment, but my guitar playing has improved, my German has improved, my relationships with people have improved (I call them more now I'm 100's of miles away than I did when I was around the corner), I have been out with German folks, seen places and met people. The only tangible difference that I have is the fact I don't have a TV to distract me (I've even done the washing and put most of it away and cleaned!)

I suppose there aren't too many people who on there death bed lie there and say 'I wished I had watched more TV'.

Bit of a ramble today, but I have been house-bound doing this assignment.

But I did forget to buy razors - look:

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