Sunday, June 15, 2008

A slow day!

Well, a slow day for anything to do with Germany - but did visit the folks and managed to score a jumbo suit case (one less thing for me to purchase!). Also big up to Gramps! (he knows why :-))

Anyway, I have actually done some stuff;

I played guitar and sang on; Frantic, No leaf Clover, Fuel, Hero of the Day, Nothing Else Matters, Through the never, Roam, Master of Puppets and Creeping Death with Dave Wilkes on Drums (the last Jam for a few months).

Also set up Googlemail - awesome if any of you ever think of using it - you can import your Outlook contacts easily and loads of other stuff (including administering this blog!). All of this with the ability to access my own pop mailbox and use my own Email address.

Other than that its UFC 82 is on TV so I think I'm going to sign of this incredibly huge laptop I have purchased (for those of you at work with a HP - it dwarfs it, there is a full size key board with a number pad on the side!! - 17 inch screen!).

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