Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekly Tip - See in the dark

Okay, my tips are normally business, or personal development related, but I thought that I would try something different this week as a little bit of fun;

So here is my tip; Keep one eye open when you turn on the light and you will see in the dark.

Think I'm talking crazy talk? Well read on;

Your eyes adjust to the light that it available, so if you wake up during the night, or you have been in the dark for a while, your eyes will adjust and you will have limited vision, and as such, be able to see in the dark (not very well, but you will be able to see). But, when you switch the light on (or torch if you are camping), you lose all of your wonderful night vision you have built up and it can take quite a while for it to recover.

Well, there is a way to cheat it.

1. Build up your night vision (or remember to do this next time you wake in the night)
2. Use your night vision to get where you want, (lets say the kitchen to get a drink)
3. Close one eye tightly
4. Turn on the light (and get your drink, check Email, or whatever you do in the kitchen at night!)
5. Turn off the light (at this point everything will go much darker, or even into blackness to in relation to what you could see before)
6. Open your other eye (your other eye will have kept it's night vision and you will be able to see in the dark!).

Okay, so maybe I've over promised with the tip title of "See in the dark". But it is a strange sensation as half of your vision is in darkness an they other is in a strange grey-scale (the eye that you did have open recovers much more quickly than regular night vision too!).

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