Monday, November 24, 2008


Just wondering, recently, fuel has become cheaper - I'm looking at 91.9p.

This is a good thing, yes? Then why is it that every person is not at the pumps panic filling their vehicles to the brim?

Why is it then, when the fuel prices sky-rocket - and everyone is told 'There is no issue with supply, it's just the cost going up', that people insist on panic buying? like 'Oh my God, Fuel is 20p more expensive I've got to buy as much as possible'.

On reflection, I think that this logic should apply to other items that the government don't want people to buy. So lets reduce the price of cigarettes to 20p a pack, and a pint to 50p. People would obviously stop buying it so much and will solve all issues with Cancer and Liver disease. Genius!

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