Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ich werde nicht vergessen!

AvcI - Ich werde nicht vergessen!


I actually got lost in a building today. It was actually quite funny as I eventually re-entered the office where I had tried to leave from (through a different door I might add) and had to ask if they could show me the way out! This was at Essen on the trading floor, but in my defence, the place is huge and has about 10 elevators (not including the private ones you need a swipe card for!).

Smooth exit issues aside, I was actually quite impressed with my German skills today, I actually sat an spoke to a guy for about a minute in German, and not only did he understand me, but thanked me for speaking in German as he struggled with English! genius! As long as I have complete control over whats being said I'm fine (!?)

But all went well - the tube system here is great - trains are on-time. Quite a change from the UK. Hopefully I will come back from this weekend with the same report as I'm off to Berlin (yay!).

...Finally, I'm a little sad, as I write this I only have 15 full days left in Germany, and just as I can say more than 'Es tut mir leid, meine Deutsch ist schlect!' (not 100% sure if I can spell it though).

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