Monday, July 21, 2008

Rabbit and Food (don't worry the rabbit wasn't the food)

Okay, several updates from Friday.

Finally got a reasonably picture of the frikin Rabbit:

Also I thought I would show you a picture of Friday's lunch at work. Now in the UK, its Fish & Chips every Friday, in Germany, its Schnitzel & Chips! I thought I would include a photo. So as an overview of our late lunch (11:30 hrs) I have, Soup, Schnitzel & Chips (with a mushroom sauce) a chocolate/carmel pudding and an Apple juice. All for for 3.18 Euros (£2.53 in real money) Bargin!

Thinking of food, Bülent cooked a great meal for Kay and me on Friday evening. Although I have a few videos from this evening, they are not quite for public consumption :-) You may think we are all a little strange (see the loveparade post that I am just about to do and you will start to get the picture).

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