Monday, July 14, 2008

Eating a kebab (It's proper German culture - promise)

Okay, so your thinking "What the hell is Matt doing going out for a Kebab in Germany??". Well, Turkish people and food are to the Germans, what Indian people and food are to the English. I.e. If you were to name the two most popular meals in the UK it would probably be 'bangers and mash' then 'A curry'. So, there are a lot of Turkish people and culture, and here they do it properly (Guy's at home - it makes nelams look very bad!).

Here is Bülent sporting a Turkish drink called Ayran. It's a strange drink, that if I'm honest, isn't to my taste - its basically yoghurt, water and salt. (

Here are the kebabs - very nice, and also the resturant itself is nice (no standing outside the chippy for us!).

Also, this wasn't on purpose, but I think I've started to adopt the 'peep show' view of the world. Or more accurately the prodigy videos 'Smack my b***h up' version of the world (I've never seen the video all the way through until the other day - it is cool, albiet 10 years old).

And finally, another attempt at getting the rabbit. I got its back this time while it wasn't looking...

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