Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bochum Music Festival

Good night out tonight with a guy called Marcus from work.

This was quite strange, there is a town that has a 4 day music festival with stalls and bands playing everywhere - people all over the place, but its still relatively chilled and not really that messy. The most drunk people are the way the brits start out the night. I didn't see one person curling up in their own vomit. It was amazing!

Empty glass system thingy - to keep everything clear, you pay a deposit for your glass, which you get back when you take the glasses back.

I also picked up a copy of High Fidelity (in German - fun!).

Also saw some guy get fined on the train for having no ticket, thought it would be a great idea to walk back from the train station only to realise that I had never done it before and after walking around for 10 minutes I just got in a Taxi (although managed to ask the taxi driver how much it was and get home alright).

Photos to follow as I'm too tired now to put them on.

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