Sunday, July 6, 2008

Adventures in Köln

Or Cologne for all you English folk.

This was quite a day, I woke up reasonably late and had no clue of the how, what, why, when of going to Köln. So I made a detailed (see picture to the left, the plan is on the index card).

Mom, you would have been proud. This was the top of the Kölner Domes (Church spire). I reckon that it was about a thousand steps (maybe not but it was a lot!).

This is a pic from the outside, you can't quite get the size of this thing in a photo - but it is big!

Quite an interesting day - I walked through Köln, straight into 'Cologne Pride' - which is Gay Pride, lots of shops that I have no use for, but educational all the same :-)

This is the 'Old town', around the corner is the 'Cologne Pride' festival.

Okay, very cheesy, but I couldn't resist the Hard Rock cafe. I even bought a Cologne Hard Rock T-shirt - it is cool though.

The following are some pics for the guitar geeks back at home, so we have...Scorpions....

Steve Vai....

Warrant... (for you Dave)

A wall of clapton, monkees, The proclaimers (for you Tina) and some others.

Then I did a proper tourist type thing, I went on a boat ride down the Rhine. This was a two hour effort (the 1 hour had sold out by the time I got there) so I chilled out wondering up and down the Rhine)

Then I got home... I decided to buy my first Chinese, not bad actually some Curry, chicken and veg thing (Hühnerfleisch-Gerichte mit Curry und Gemüse (leicht scharf)) Or a number 42 to you and me. But look at the cool way it is packaged.

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